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17_10_1998.arc                        - Upgrades for Browse (to 2.07), Java (to 0.76),
                                        Connect (to 2.78) and Webserve (to 0.49) 
AKA32Rom.zip                          - Rom space of Acorn AKA32 SCSI podule
Acorn Developer Confernce 1997.pdf    - Notes from the 1997 conference for developers,
                                        including information on Phoebe, Gallileo, NCOS, ARM,
                                        Java and more.
Phoebe Assembly Instruction Sheet.pdf - Details of how to prepare the Phoebe product for
                                        assembly and packing.
Safety Test Guidelines.pdf            - Information on electrically testing everything from the
                                        Beeb to the Risc PC.
Termulator Manual-opt.pdf             - Manual for BBC Micro Acornsoft Termulator
phoebeboot.zip                        - A !Boot sequence suitable for a Phoebe (Risc PC 2) in
                                        RPCEmu HostFS format.
riscos3_80_Phoebe.zip                 - ROM Image of RISC OS 3.80 for the Phoebe (Risc PC 2)
riscos3_80_SA_OK.zip                  - ROM Image of RISC OS 3.80 that is OK running on the
                                        StrongARM Risc PC
splug226.bas                          - !Sparkplug 2.26 Self extracting version
splug229.bas                          - !Sparkplug 2.29 32-bit Self extracting version
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17_10_1998.arc2.4 MB
AKA32Rom.zip40 KB
AUN Managers Guide-opt.pdf13.5 MB
Acorn Developer Confernce 1997.pdf9.4 MB
Phoebe Assembly Instruction Sheet.pdf5.6 MB
Safety Test Guidelines.pdf446 KB
Termulator_Manual-opt.pdf7.8 MB
galileo2_Redacted.pdf850 KB
galileo_Redacted.pdf640 KB
phoebe-hd-contents-meeting-1998-redacted.txt5 KB
phoebeboot.zip3.1 MB
psion.txt6 KB
risc-os-proposals-1997-redacted.txt14 KB
riscos3_80_Phoebe.zip1.4 MB
riscos3_80_SA_OK.zip1.6 MB
soundctrl.txt23 KB
splug226.bas81 KB
splug229.bas106 KB