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Note: the ARM Ltd and Online Media pages are maintained by others.


These pages were mostly created on an Acorn Risc PC, using SrcEdit, Draw, Paint and ChangeFSI. Some of us used other editors though, including Zap, XEmacs on a Linux box and even PFE for Windows.

The GIF files were created using Creator, written by John Kortink.
Some GIFs had transparency added using giftrans, written by Andreas Ley (ported by Simon Truss and via a front-end whipped up by the Webmaster). Later GIFs have had transparency and interlacing added using WebGIF, a little utility I whipped up based around the 'gd' GIF-manipulation library by [Tom Boutell] at the 'Quest Center at Cold Spring Harbor Labs'. The WebGIF program itself is based on a similar utility that comes with the library. I just modified it a little and added a front-end. Note: you need the FrontEnd and DDEUtils modules to use the frontend to !WebGIF. These are available in the Acorn C / Acorn Assembler / Acorn C/C++ packages. If you do not have these modules, then the actual 'webgif' program (inside the application) can still be used from the command line.

Out of interest, at last count this site contained:

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